The house of magic of the Mikhai sisters

Specialists of Mikhai House

Aza Mikhai

Aza Mikhai: “Powerful protection of the money channel, protection from the evil eye, damage and a talisman for personal life - I see what is your situation ”He is a representative of the Hungarian gypsy family. Possesses powerful gypsy magic. The hereditary gift is passed down from generation to generation. With ancient rites, it reveals a strong negative and its impact. Manages black and white magic.

Aza is a very experienced magician, people from all over the world turn to her for help with completely different problems and situations. Aza showed her gift from an early age, and managed to work with the most difficult cases during her experience. The magician uses many powerful gypsy rituals, makes charmed amulets, candles, ritual knives, energy-purifying soap, magic mirrors, runes, amulets and other magical items.

Aza will pick up and make you an amulet, but amulets are different. The three most important defenses:

In addition to these three positions, there are other important defenses. This is both protection for the vision of the economy, and protection of the child.

“I’ll tell you a secret: the strongest protection for a child is a mirror. It is for children ages 3 to 12. It depends on how much power to invest in a magical attribute. And the most powerful defense, from time immemorial, were conspiracies on living stones. On semi-precious, and on precious, as well as natural, crystal. There is protection on runes ... and many other magical types of protection. I see what kind of energy a person has and what kind of situation he has. ”, - says Aza about the secret mystery of his skill.

If a live reception is not available to you, Aza Mikhai conducts a reception from a distance, and will give you rituals that can be performed at home. Aza will also help you make the right decision in a difficult situation - he will look at you on Tarot cards, on coffee grounds, and on a wax casting.

Sofia Mikhai

Sofia Mikhai: "Be careful with your desires, they will come true!" Mikhai, the eldest of the sisters of the Hungarian gypsy family. Rita has the darkest energy of the sisters: when you meet her, you will feel this sinister aura. But do not be afraid of the magician - this speaks of her power.

Sofya Mikhai is more of a dark magician than her younger sisters, and is capable of making big changes in your life. The elder sister of the Mikhai family has a large number of the strongest slander from all sorts of ailments and diseases. Sofia works according to an old gypsy book with healing spells for all occasions. She makes the strongest charmed amulets, magic candles, living stones, puts mirror shields and much more. Sofya Mikhai will select the necessary magical attributes for you to protect yourself from negative influences in a given situation.

Sofia is a powerful wax casting navigator: she will give you a map of the direction of your life, the most accurate and reliable. Also, the dark magician will accurately describe your situation by coffee grounds, give the right advice and warn you about this or that situation.

Sofya, one of the few who skillfully owns the Wold doll. Wold is a model of a certain person. It can be used in both white and black magic. But more often they are used in the dark - depending on what effect you want to get when exposed to a person. It may be harm, or it may be a complete healing.

Sofya is a powerful guide to the world of beyond possibilities. So, be careful with your desires - they will come true. The master conducts a reception both at a distance and live.

Monica Mikhai

Monica Mikhai: "I will help you regain lost love, save you from the birth curse and improve family relationships." Representative of the clan of the ancient magical branch of the Hungarian gypsies. Monica took over the gift from her mother. At the age of 11, she had already begun to use her abilities in the field of love magic. And in the future, she mastered all the secrets of the craft of her ancient family.

Monica is very strong in love affairs, as her gift is aimed precisely at this! She owns the magic of all kinds of love spells, from the darkest and strongest, to light and harmless rituals for the preservation and protection of the family. These are rituals for sexuality, attractiveness, and for attracting your object of desire. Removal of damage, birth curse, crown of celibacy. Monica will help restore lost love and improve family relationships.

But, of course, not only in matters of love - the magic of Monica Mikhai works to change the internal and external state of a person. So, her conspiracies will help in getting rid of excess weight, protect against negative influences, relieve eternal depression, insomnia, take away unreasonable anxiety, fear.

Monica is a professional in love magic, but don't forget that she comes from an ancient branch of the gypsies, and is capable of various types of rituals! For business, Monica performs rituals for great wealth and prosperity. Her magical conspiracies will help personal growth in completely different professions.

Monika Mikhai not only learned her abilities from her mother, but was also trained by her aunts, and has a large arsenal of knowledge. She makes magic love oils, soap to bind a loved one, amulets to attract the opposite sex, magic love candles of various types, living stones that help attract the attention of a certain person. To solve your question, you may need to make a potion or a Wold doll, which will be your personal Guide to your loved one!

One of the most important rites is the Ritual over oneself. This rite is aimed at restoring the appearance, inner state of a person, and not only that, it will restore your physical spirit and give the right thinking and the right decision!

Monica can predict the fate of a person using Tarot cards, divination on coffee grounds, casting on wax, and conducts receptions, both in person and at a distance from any corner of the world!

Luludi Mikhai

Luludi Mikhai: "I will learn everything about your physical and mental state on the Tarot cards" Hungarian gypsy from the ancient magical family Mikhai. Luludi Mikhai is a master tarot reader. Carries out diagnostics of the body and physical condition. Reveals damage, birth curses, ailments, various types of diseases. Luludi is a master of making elixirs, herbs, magic candles.

In his arsenal, he uses enchanted healing water, magic ritual knives for performing rituals. He also makes charms. Luludi will pick up the necessary ritual items for you: for cleaning, for love and money magic - oils, candles, soap. And also - the right collection of herbs for your beauty and internal cleansing. Luludi specializes in collecting medicinal herbs.

Zoya Mikhai

Zoya Mikhai: "The ancient gypsy rituals of the Mikhai clan subordinate the consciousness of a person, his will and desires to mine, and therefore to your goals." Zoya comes from an ancient family of gypsies. Gypsy magic is the strongest in the human world. Zoya is an expert in business magic and has vast experience in this business.

Spell for money profit

In the magic of money, there are various rituals and conspiracies, but only a professional can carry out all the actions correctly, without negative consequences. For the strongest love spell of money, the sorceress performs a ceremony on charmed coins, which has extraordinary power and acts immediately and quickly. This is the oldest gypsy ritual, the mystery of which is known only to some hereditary gypsy witches. When conducting it, they use secret spells, read prayers, conspiracies, and also use talismans, candles with herbs, soap and grains.

Black love spell

“I spend love spells in places that have the most powerful energy, this is a cemetery, and ancient graveyards, and swamps, and abandoned witch villages. During the ritual, I will address the souls of the dead and the strongest otherworldly forces. Ancient gypsy rites of the Mikhai clan, effective occult knowledge and ancient Eastern rites, known only to our family, passed down from generation to generation, helping to subordinate the consciousness of a person, his will and desires to mine, and therefore to your goals. And all this happens at the subtlest subconscious level. The object of a black love spell will never know or feel that he had any magical effect.”, - Zoya Mikhai talks about the power of her magic.

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